Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tiffany Mills Company Summer Workshop 2012

The Tiffany Mills Company is mid-stream in our Seventh Annual Summer Intensive. The exchange of energy and ideas is palatable as we investigate partnering technique and partnering composition. Here's what workshop participants are saying at the end of each day. Leave a response if you are so moved!

May 29, 2012

Workshop Day #1

Rediscovering freedom of movement.
Beautiful bold choices. Bravery.
Surprise shifting.
Visceral Bliss.
From chaos comes clarity.
Very inviting.
Open forum for idea exchange and experiential learning.
Pevlic Freedom.
Sharing of the body intelligence builds trust and opens to inspire growth. 
The unused surface area and volume of my body came out to play.
Sliding into the space between what you intend to do and what will happen in the moment.
Great to be in a room full of people feeling comfortable and safe (and respectful) enough to explore movement chore to chore involving cavities of head, torso and pelvis and any and all combinations thereof.
Enhancing the dance of solo as a group exploration. The support of a duet helping me soar.

May 30, 2012
Workshop Day #2

Hello pelvis!
Grab and let go.
Unknown to the known.
Enjoy the possibilities that you don't end up using. They help you find your way to more options.
Take off the lid!
Stay curious.
Moving a point within a cavity.

May 31, 2012
Workshop Day #3

Navel radiation into space as information and direction. Four destinations provide structured detours.
Small tools created such richness and fullness within the dance. They brought awareness so that freedom could be reached.
Opening my knowledge to the world of endless opportunity for contact.
Today bodies and air each found mass and each other.
Felt a refreshing sense of community and humanity through physical connection.
Facing my greatest fears and pushing past comfort levels...far, far, past comfort levels! Raw.
Spirals throughout the body, on the body, in the body.
Staying available to maintain/deepen connections.
This was so filling! I often can get drained giving and this fed back knowledge and energy and investment from all in room. Good stuff.
Allowing the point of contact to really direct -- channelling the rest of the body's energy into and out of that point.
Honoring my body, knowing it's okay to go gentle and still find just as many amazing possibilities.
Breaking habits, I can arch and open too!
I flew for the first time today! Thank you!
Much enjoyed the sense of teamwork (Round Robin) and equal explorative co-investigative partnership (duets). Very full and rich.

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