Monday, April 23, 2012

We're going to Russia!

The Tiffany Mills Company is so excited for our first Eurasian tour! We are packing our bags with warm coats and long underwear, as we prepare for a Siberian winter snow storm in April. As we are about to depart to perform at the International Festival of Contemporary Dance -- Isadora, in Krasnoyarsk, the Company is anticipating new sights, smells and sounds. We are honored to perform "Berries and Bulls", teach classes at the Festival, and learn about dance in another part of the world. Here's what our dancers have to say as we step on an airplane. Warmly, Tiffany

"I'm looking forward to experiencing the culture 'shock', the sound of unfamiliar language, unique colors and architecture. SIBERIA!"  ~ Emily

"I can't wait to experience and be inspired by the 'Eurasian aesthetic' in dance and beyond! Whoo Russia!" ~ Kevin

"I'm excited to experience Russia through the arts, dance and movement - connecting culture, expressing creativity across oceans and mountains. We are all one." ~ Jeffrey

"It's an honor to be invited to an international festival. It reminds me of 2 things: 1) that the idea of being able to travel as a dancer - dance being such an international language - was probably the deciding factor in helping me to decide to pursue a career in dance and 2) I visited Russia, then still USSR, whilst in ballet school, over 20 years ago - it will be interesting to see what has changed since those days. Great opportunity to share cross-culturally!" ~ Petra