Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reflections on Russia

Dinner after our successful performance

Moses, Megan and the technical crew

Dancers warming up before their performance

Dancers before their performance

Tiffany with Elena, the Festival Director 

The Tiffany Mills Company recently returned from our first international tour to Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. What a fantastic opportunity to cross into a completely new culture and be so welcomed! See blog post earlier this month for my thoughts and responses. And, see below for the Company's reflections on Russia. ~Tiffany

I enjoyed meeting so many amazing people who wanted to share and connect through their passion for art; Krasnoyarsk is such a beautiful city. ~Emily (Dancer)
The eagerness and vitality of the dance community in Krasnoyarsk was remarkable. I can't wait to return to further our artistic dialogue! ~Kevin (Dancer)

Usually when I travel, I don't ever have expectations. (Sort of a fantasy come true to go to Siberia, which is an area most people will never travel to.) You can feel the layers of tension from the post-communistic regime slowly being pulled away. There is an electric charge. They are ready for revolution and radical change. So much creativity and support -- like a young layer of skin. The students, audience, and people of Krasnoyarsk were so welcoming and appreciative. I would love to go back! Also, some responses from Russian students (who seemed to relate to "Berries and Bulls" themes of isolation and struggle) were so insightful and articulate. ~Jeffrey (Dancer)

I was impressed both with what is now (compared to when I went to St Petersburg 20 years ago) available in the supermarkets and restaurants as well as in the (modern dance) studio and on stage! This small festival, almost single-handedly afforded and run by Elena, creates a unique opportunity to explore and share international cultural experiences. Russian modern dance is still young, but the dancers and choreographers have already absorbed so much and were very eager and open to learn the processes and discoveries we (from the West, where modern dance has been around a bit longer) brought to share. Thanks for having us :-) ~Petra (Dancer)

Who would've thought that In a million years I'd be in Kransnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia? Not Me. And who would've thought that I'd be the only person of color within a 1000 miles of Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia? ME!!! Over all I had a great time. The festival was fantastic and I made some new friends. Thanks for letting me "tag along". ~Moses (Technical Director and Stage Manager)

The enthusiasm of the students in the class was amazing. The experience of working with an international group of people opened a new way of seeing and experiencing dance, in and out of performance. Sharing the work of Tiffany Mills Company with new people was so rewarding. ~Megan (Company Manager and Sound Operator)

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