Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April 20, 2011 Audience Feedback

On April 20th, 2011, we held a showing at Baryhsnikov Arts Center as part of our 2010-2011 BAC Residency. At this showing, we shared excerpts of a new work titled "Berries and Bulls" and also launched our new website. Here, we wanted to share some anonymous responses to our work. Thanks to all of you who joined us!

"I LOVED it!!! Enjoyed every minute! It was a fascinating expose on relationships and personality types. The movement was gorgeous and so well crafted. The text was witty, humorous and truthful. Well articulated and performed by the dancers."

"Use of music was interesting. Music created ambiance and set the mood of scenes. Dialogue without music in the background created intimate environment in space."

"Really liked use of space and shifting combinations. Really like a lot of the phrases, very original."

"Interesting investigation of physical, temporal and "other" realities. Beautiful movement and superb performers!"

"I especially enjoyed the horizontal tango, as well as the juxtaposition of words and movements."

"Did touch me."