Monday, May 7, 2012

Spasiba (Thank You) Russia!

 Almost there! At Moscow airport on our way to Siberia (A 24 hour trip)...

The whole Company after our performance!

 Last Day of Class in Krasnoyarsk.

Our tour to the "International Festival of Contemporary Dance - Isadora", was a complete success! We were greeted with enormous enthusiasm by eager students ready to learn. Daily Tiffany taught partnering classes assisted by the Company. Our performance of "Berries and Bulls" capped it all off. Here's a run down on our Siberian adventure:

--During Dress Rehearsal on Sunday a cat walked onto the stage! Given that we were working with a Russian speaking tech crew and theater we were navigating a whole new terrain. (Our TMC crew -- Moses on Lights and Megan on Sound -- were fantastic!)

--Despite language differences, "Berries and Bulls" brought laughter and clear emotional response. All the dancers -- Jeffrey, Petra, Emily and Kevin -- performed with strength and resilience with a 12 hour time difference!

--People yelled "Bravo" after our performance in a 600 seat theater. All Festival students as well as community members were engaged in what was very new and different for them. (Most have not seen dance/theater.)

--The day after our performance in class, students commented on what they saw: how touch gives us information, the importance of flight, and how relationships reveal human vulnerability. We were amazed and touched to hear how our work translated across language and culture. We can't wait to return to our new sister city!

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